what is a motability wav

If you are wondering what a motability WAV is, think about cars that can be used by people living with a disability. It is usually hard for such individuals to lay their hands on new or used wheelchairs accessible cars. That’s why there is the need for a scheme that is specially designed to avail these vehicles at more affordable rates.

Thus a Motability WAV is a car that has been sourced through this scheme. Just about anyone living with a disability can get a new or used car through a Motability scheme. You may prefer the Inclusive Leasing Package or the Nearly New Scheme. With the later, all you will have to make a fairly affordable initial deposit.

While it is possible to get new wheelchair accessible vehicles, the alternative is used cars of not more than three years old. Thus a Motability WAV is reliable. The vehicles have been inspected by professionals and by approved suppliers. With this scheme, you will be able to easily get a vehicle you can rely on.

When you come to Motability for a car, you will meet a team of dedicated advisers who will demonstrate to you how the vehicle works. With that, it wouldn’t be hard to decide if you are going to buy the vehicle.